The Time is Now

Please Join Us

What a gem we have in our museum—a treasure for the West Branch community, state of Iowa, and beyond. Our updated exhibition space and immersive experience will rival those of more widely recognized presidential museums—all while keeping our welcoming, humble Iowa charm.

Every day at the museum we strive to live up to the standards modeled by Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover and other visionary, uncommon individuals. With your support, we can welcome an ever-greater audience to a museum that fosters ideals that transcend time and politics. We look forward to your partnership as we invite everyone who visits the museum—in person or virtually—to strengthen their cooperation, volunteerism, and dedication to lifelong learning.

With gratitude for your support,

Terry Branstad Campaign Committee Co-Chair Former Governor of Iowa Former Ambassador to China
Margaret Hoover Campaign Committee Co-Chair Trustee, Hoover Presidential Foundation Herbert Hoover’s Great- Granddaughter