“Give for the joy of giving and sing hymns of thankfulness that you have it to give.”
– Herbert Hoover

Investing in the future

Throughout their lifetime of service, particularly their commitment to children’s organizations such as the Girl Scouts and the Girls and Boys Clubs, the Hoovers modeled the importance of investing in tomorrow. The Timeless Values | Modern Experience campaign is an opportunity to sustain their investment far into future, as the reimagined museum will inspire guests—young and old—to lead lives of positive impact. While the library-museum is owned and operated by NARA, a federal agency, renovation projects require 100% of funds to be raised through private philanthropy.

With your support of the Foundation’s ambitious $20 million goal, we will:


Modernize the museum’s exhibition spaces

Redesigning the museum’s existing landscape will enhance educational capabilities and transform the overall visitor experience.


Launch the Uncommon Iowan Center

Introducing web-based, content-rich role-playing simulations will make civics, humanities, and history come alive.


Safeguard our Financial Foundation

Establishing a healthy endowment fund will secure the maintenance of the renovated facilities and put the institution on firmer long-term financial footing.

We invite you to invest in the future of a revitalized museum that will:

  • Offer state-of-the-art permanent galleries created by a world-renowned strategic design and production company

  • Create flexible gallery space for seasonal, rotating exhibitions that keep the experience fresh and inspire repeat visits

  • Utilize modern technology, digital media, and physical interactives to amplify storytelling

  • Enhance synergy between the museum, national historic site, and the town of West Branch, while raising public awareness of the Hoovers

  • Align with and maximize adaptability to Iowa’s evolving educational standards

  • Welcome an audience inclusive of all ages and backgrounds to expanded online and onsite programs