Project Plan



Emotional connection shifts attitudes, and the most effective way to create such emotional kinship with the past is through the power of story. Dynamic storytelling is central to the enhanced museum experience and will facilitate an organic connection between guests and the Hoover legacy as they move from a theater whose introductory film sparks curiosity to curated spaces where they can touch, see, hear, and explore stories of Herbert and Lou Henry’s adventures and goodwill. Utilizing immersive settings, tactile exercises, and a seamless integration of technology, our world-renowned design partner will create an experience where guests become an essential part of the narrative.

Exhibitions, presentations, and programs will continue to align with Iowa education standards to attract school and youth group field trips. The campaign will allow for expanded reach in new and exciting ways, including the innovative Uncommon Iowan Center, which will invite students to take an active role in civics lessons through high energy role-playing simulations. With your partnership, a traditionally simple outing will become one that achieves a critical objective:

Guests will emerge empowered to lead an uncommon life, committed to take action in creating positive change through individual enterprise and initiative in service to humanity.


Immersive storytelling will encourage guests of all ages and backgrounds to be active participants on their own emotional journey of self-discovery—using each of their senses as the story comes to life. Among the reimagined museum experiences will be opportunities to:

Enter a mine in the farthest corner of Australia. Pick up and examine pieces of stone and minerals scattered around the space.

Step into a travel office from the early 20th century. Choose a destination on an interactive screen and watch the map illuminate with a tale.

Explore Uncommon Lives, a dynamic gallery honoring everyday individuals who reflect the Hoovers’ spirit of compassion and service.