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“Let us remember that the great human advances have not been brought about by mediocre men and women. They were brought about by distinctly uncommon men and women with vital sparks of leadership.”

-Herbert Hoover

News Releases

Remembering Herbert Hoover  Feb. 25, 2022
An Op/Ed article by HHPLM Director Dr. Thomas Schwartz

A Project all Iowans Can Take Pride In  Dec. 9, 2021
An Op/Ed article by Margaret Hoover and Former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad

Hoover Tax Credit Signed into Law  June 10, 2021
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs $5 million tax credit law at Hoover Library

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Op/Ed Articles

Letter from campaign committee co-chairs, Fmr. Amb. Terry Branstad and Margaret Hoover

Letter from Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Director, Dr. Thomas Schwartz


The Timeless Values | Modern Experience campaign video. VIEW IT HERE.

Ron Steele, host of KWWL’s Steele Report, aired this interview with HPF President & CEO Jerry Fleagle on Dec. 2, 2021.


It’s Quotable

Jerry Fleagle, President & CEO, Hoover Presidential Foundation
“Presidential Library/Museums typically renovate every 12 to 15 years. We’re behind the curve- our last major renovation was 30 years ago.”

“Our new exhibits will take advantage of the newest technologies. Technology is most engaging when hidden or seamlessly integrated into the experience, ensuring that it does not quickly become obsolete or dated. We’ll use technology to support the story and bring the experience to life.”

“We’ll strive to make the guest experience dynamic and transformative. An emotional connection to the subject leads to increased curiosity and engagement. We’ll also strive to align with Iowa education standards to attract school and youth organization field trips.”

Dr. Thomas Schwartz, Director, Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
“How can our distinguished research institution better tell the stories of the Great Humanitarian? We fail if people come through and leave in the same frame of mind. We succeed when people leave pondering what they saw. That’s the essence of history: memory.”

Margaret Hoover, host of PBS Television’s Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, co-chair of the Timeless Values | Modern Experience campaign, and Herbert Hoover’s great-granddaughter
“Renovating the museum—both the building and the experience itself—will allow us to welcome an audience inclusive of all ages and backgrounds to an immersive learning experience that makes civics, humanities, and history come alive – and inspire visitors to be to advocate for positive change in their own communities.”

Terry Branstad, former Iowa Governor and U.S. Ambassador to China
“Our goal is ambitious: to evolve Iowa’s only presidential museum into a thoroughly modern destination – an uncommon experience that reflects the uncommon lives of service that Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover embodied.”

Matt Solari, BRC Imagination Arts
“After viewing the exhibits, we hope guests will emerge empowered to lead an uncommon life, committed to taking action in creating positive change through individual enterprise and initiative in service to humanity.


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