Why Hoover?
Why Now?

The Campaign for The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Museum

“How can our distinguished research institution better tell the stories of the Great Humanitarian? We fail if people come through and leave in the same frame of mind. We succeed when people leave pondering what they saw. That’s the essence of history: memory.”
— Tom Schwartz, Director, Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum

Children exclaiming “How cool!” as they comb through books and clothing inside vintage suitcases that traveled the world.

Adults exchanging “I had no idea!” glances as they scan posters and view movie clips of history left out of textbooks.

Multi-generational families brainstorming volunteer projects they want to bring to their communities.

What does it take for an ordinary afternoon activity to become extraordinary — one that stays in the hearts and minds of every participant?

Herbert Hoover, 31st U.S. President

A mining engineer, humanitarian, statesman, and the 31st U.S. President, Herbert Hoover embodied the values of honesty, leadership, and generosity. Born and laid to rest in West Branch, Iowa, Herbert, together with his wife, Lou Henry, was unwavering in his efforts to put others’ needs ahead of his own, including feeding the hungry, clothing the impoverished, and providing medical supplies to struggling countries. The Hoovers’ remarkable life story of philanthropy and service is often clouded by the Great Depression that gripped the economy during the presidency, yet the prescient ideals they lived and led by have never been more critical to impart.

The world is rapidly changing—and while the Hoovers’ values remain everlasting, the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum’s aging exhibits have not withstood the test of time. Nearly 30 years since its previous renovation, and the last of the 13 National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) presidential museums to be updated in recent history, the museum is long overdue for modernized exhibitions that effectively tell the story of the Great Humanitarian.